Moritz Ernicke


Graduate Engineer (Dipl.-Ing., TU Munich)
German Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney

Moritz is a mechanical engineer and has been working as a patent attorney since 2012. He studied at the Technical University (TU) Munich with a primary focus on electronics, computer science and business administration. At the same time he was employed in the research department of one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers whose inventions in three main areas of technology he now oversees.

He leads the firm’s trademark department and advises clients with large trademark portfolios on the registration, continuation and enforcement of their rights in Europe and worldwide.
His focus continues to be building up patent portfolios on advanced technologies as well as conducting the related legal proceedings.


  • Thermodynamic processes (e.g. fuel injection and exhaust gas treatment for internal combustion engines) and their regulation
  • Communication technology (e.g. Car-to-Car and Car-to-X communication)
  • Sensor technology and recognition algorithms (e.g. computer vision, radar, sensor fusion)
  • Mechanical and plant engineering (e.g. Vehicle washing systems, welding systems)
  • Electrical and electronic components for industrial purposes