Ganzheitliche Beratung Marken-und Patentrecht

We approach you and your employees with the same dedication and sense of responsibility that we need to run our own law firm. The success of our collaboration is a result of longstanding relationships built on mutual trust.

Our lawyers work together collaboratively and are always ready to take on new topics and areas of responsibility. in addition to the legal issues, we familiarize ourselves with your fields of technology and your specific competitive environment.

Today’s digital transformation is changing the fields of application for patents and trademarks. This is evident in the ever-changing EU laws and guidelines. We follow these developments closely in order to advise our clients proactively.

Team Spirit

Patent attorneys

We offer in-depth technical and legal knowledge including experience and expertise in current high-tech areas.
Each of our technical employees makes a special contribution concerning competence in the law firm’s range of activities. Examples include industrial robotics, automotive and sensor technology and additive manufacturing technology.

We are able to quickly grasp even highly complex innovations. And we look forward to the challenge of proving our competence in your field of technology.

Attorneys at law

To enforce your intellectual property rights, or the defenese of your company against allegations of infringement, we offer an experienced team of highly qualified litigators with broad understanding in the field of technology.

Our experience covers all areas of intellectual property
law, particularly in cases of trademark or patent infringement, competition law, contract drafting, licensing disputes and employee invention law.

Our involvement in numerous international litigation proceedings allows us to assess your chances of success, manage cross-border conflicts and make use of your scope for action.

  • Software patents

  • Know-how protection

  • Confidentiality strategies

  • Topic briefing

  • License agreements

  • Development cooperations

  • Trademarks in realignment

Software is protectable!

Whether software is protectable depends on its “technical nature”– the extent of its technical effects on the outside world. The European Patent Office regularly clarifies and updates its examination guidelines, especially in the fields of the Internet of Things, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We advise you on which software can be protected by patents and develop patent strategies based on current regulations.

Arm yourself against 3D reproduction

The regulations for the protection of trade secrets allow competitors to reveal confidential information with impunity, by observing, investigating or dismantling a product. Reverse engineering is, to a great extent, legalized. We support you in adapting the protection of your trade secrets to the new legal situation, for example by adapting your design data to make it more difficult to make 3D scans or to locate copied CAD models.

Know when to be silent

Have you got a secret invention that you can only develop into an end product if you have an order for it? What does it mean when you reveal your ideas to a potential partner? We work with you to develop a suitable strategy to safeguard your rights and protect yourself from prior publication. This includes tailor-made agreements and employee training in handling confidential information.

Keeping your decision makers up-to-date

We organize trainings, seminars and workshops for our clients’ managers and inventors. In cooperation with universities and reputed educational institutions, our experts hold lectures and give presentations on topics of industrial property rights.

Exploit the potential of your IP assets!

Rights of use for patents and trademarks can be distributed and economically exploited through license agreements – with territorial, time-based or product-related restrictions, just as required. We support you in drafting license models and contracts that open up new sales opportunities for you while ensuring you retain the necessary control.

Using synergies safely!

Many companies rely on developing collaborations to master technical challenges. Before you embark on a project with an external partner, we create contractual clarity to safeguard your rights to the results of the undertaking. This includes clear rules on the ownership and use of intellectual property rights as well as enforceable rules of conduct for the collaboration.

Preserve the good while shaping the future!

There comes a time when it is time to change things. We help you to transport a brand image and its reputation into new markets. So that past successes can provide a stimulus for your new projects. Should you wish to present your company or product in a new design, we will also accompany you through a brand change.