Welcome to PAMOS!

The portal provides a constantly updated overview of your property rights administered by ERNICKE.

The overviews are structured by property right category (trademarks, patents + utility models, designs).

The Functions

Rooms = protected access areas

The access options to your files are grouped in one or more rooms. For each user, it is possible to define which rooms he is allowed to access.


Whoever has access to a room can view all the protection rights published there.


For your company, a room is created by default, which has the name of your company and all initial users have access to this room.


If you operate several companies, divisions or corporate divisions that you want to manage separately, individual rooms can be created for them. And for each user it can be defined whether he should have access to only one, several or all rooms. For example:

„COMPANY X – Automotive“ – access for CEO and division manager automotive

„COMPANY X – Packaging“ – access for CEO and division manager Packaging

Areas = customizable lists of intellectual property rights

PAMOS provides evalualtions as sortable lists of your intellectual property rights including the essential formal data, in so-called „areas“.


The type and scope of the property right information you receive in the overview list can be configured. We will be happy to adapt the IP rights overviews to your needs.


If you need an offline IPR list, you can export each evaluation as an Excel list for your records. To do this, go to the respective evaluation and click on the green „Excel export“ button at the top right.

File data = property right details

In the evaluations, you can call up current detailed information for each IP right listed.


As soon as you click on a property right in the list, the associated digital property right file opens in a new window with an overview of the file data.


There you can see, for example, the status, the term of the IP right and the due date of the next renewal fee.

Documents = archive access

PAMOS can provide documents in the digital IP files and archive them.


This allows you to view and retrieve important documents at any time, such as


Application documents including
– Applied version
– Publication document
– Amendments to claims or
– Granted version
Filed pleadings
Search reports
State of the art


Which documents PAMOS archives for you can be determined according to your wishes. Please contact us if you are interested in more details or specific adaptions.


Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about PAMOS or need help with any of your IP rights.

Call us at +49 821 56899-0 or send an email to

Your ERNICKE Innovations Team.

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